Thursday, August 5, 2010

World Championship Results

The results from the 2010 World Rope Skipping Championship and World Youth Tournament are in and they can be viewed at the links below.

World Championship Results
World Youth Tournament Masters Results
World Youth Tournament Team Results

Photos from the event can be viewed and purchased from the photographer's website here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

World Championships - Days 2 and 3

The third day of the 2010 World Rope Skipping Championships has finished and Canada put on some wonderful performances. Our Nova Scotia female team did extremely well in speed and their freestyle routines. Everyone was impressed with their creative rope exchanges and power skills. Shelby Toews of Windsor, Ontario (and guest member of Jump Energy), won the silver medal in Triple Unders on Sunday night.
Masters day went very well for Canada and although no one reached the podium, we made a strong impact with some great speed scores and freestyle routines.

Masters day also saw Luke Boon of Australia become four-time World Champion in the male division. Check out his performance from the 2006 World Championships in Toronto to see what he can do.